Как раскрутить подружку на нудизм

Прошлым летом я открыл для себя ещё один нудистский пляж недалеко от Нью-Йорка –  Jones Beach. Чтобы добраться до части пляжа, где вроде как никто не падает в обморок (и главное не зовёт полицию!) при виде неприкрытых тел, приходиться идти как минимум минут 15 от автобусной остановки/парковки; но это всё-таки прогулка по пляжу, так что не так плохо, и в целом туда довольно легко и дёшево добраться из Манхеттена. Так что я пригласил туда свою подругу Наташу из Москвы порадоваться прибою без толпы… и без одежды 😉

Поначалу Наташа как-то робела и йогой занималась в своём прекрасном сарафане, но я всё же решил её уговорить и от него избавиться. Зачем скрывать свою красоту?  Вот думали это синее зелье (извиняюсь за каламбур) её осмелеет…

Но что-то не помогло!

Так что пришлось её хорошенько раскрутить,

и после пары переворотов от Наташкиного стыда не осталось и следа 😉

Она не только расхрабрилась и обнажилась,

но и пошла прыгать в волнах, а они были довольно сильные.

Но от этого веселья не убавилось, скорее наоборот!

Надеюсь, Наташа и дальше будет “нудиствовать”, а не нудить на пляже =)

How to turn your friend into a nudist + Moving naturally at Jones Beach, NY

Last summer I discovered yet another naked beach not far from New York City: a remote part to the east of Jones Beach. It’s a long (at least 15 min) walk from the main part/bus stop/parking, but given that it’s a walk at the beach, you can just as well enjoy this part of the deal. It’s much closer and easier to get to by public transport than the Lighthouse beach and is almost twice cheaper than the ferry to Sandy Hook, two official nudist beaches in NYC area. So I went there quite often and brought some of my friends visiting during summer. Most of that remote part of Jones beach is rather empty, except for a short stretch that gets busy on the weekends.

Natasha was eager to try her yoga poses at the beach, but for some reason she wasn’t ready to get rid of her clothes, although the idea of naturism is not foreign to her. I thought she just needed some booze boost.

Well, that menacingly blue concoction that we bought at the bar at the main part of Jones beach was non-alcoholic (and maybe that was why it failed to work).

The next step was to turn her upside down,

and after a couple of such twists, she turned into a nudist 😉

Not only did she let off her inhibitions,

she also braved the waves, that were quite rough on that day!

There was a couple of unexpected boomers, but it was part of the fun.

Since that remote part of Jones Beach is relatively empty, it’s perfect for jogging.

Once I brought there my new acquaintance Pétur, who is an instructor of MovNat in Iceland. MovNat (abbreviation of ‘moving naturally) is a system of movement skills that is based on natural patterns (taking into account our development – how toddlers start moving, evolution and comparative biology – how other animals move, etc.) as opposed to many modern running and fitness techniques that use artificial patterns (e.g., ‘hi tech’ shoes, all kinds of crazy gym equipment). Their logo is ‘Explore your true nature’, so needless to say, the first time I heard about it, I thought it should be done without clothes.

And there I was, learning to ‘run naturally’ at the Jones Beach. I’m definitely planning to explore more of MovNat in the future.

Vita Nuda at the Lighthouse beach, NY

Vita Nuda Northeast is a part of network for young adult nudists. During summer, they organize regular beach parties. The favorite spot is Robert Moses beach aka the Lighthouse beach in Long Island, NY.

Not all Lighthouse Beach is clothing-optional, but just walk around and you’ll figure it out. Maybe something like this could be a clue for you 😉

Vita Nuda’s parties are always fun and bring together a lot of people from the area.

Besides chilling and grilling, there are always some fun activities.

Body painting is of course one of the favorites (even if it means that you need to wash in the ocean when it’s a little rough and chilly).

And there is always plenty of hula hoops, it’s almost like Vita Nuda’s trademark. If you see some naked people with hula hoops, it’s almost certainly someone from or inspired by Vita Nuda group 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some go for traditional beach bats, though.

But one of the parties featured aqua-ball, something I’d never even seen. When I saw the ball, I was totally eager to try to conquer the waves in it!

It was quite an effort to get it to the waves, but it was totally worth it! In the end I felt happily dizzy and my friends took their turn.

But this was not the only aqua-ball. There was another, that you are literally sealed inside… and try to walk on waves. This one certainly needs some assistance, with pushing it towards the waves and on the other hand keeping it under control with the rope.

Frankly, it did feel a little creepy being inside an enclosed ball, but again it was too much fun not to try.

Just look at this video!

When I was working on it in iMovie, I found there was a number of preset clip-makers, one of which was called ‘Surf Kid’ with the idea that surfing is not only for big guys. While aqua-ball sounds more childish, I actually found it quite challenging, so the video below is not entirely a joke 😉

Looking forward to aqua-ball and more parties with Vita Nuda next summer!

Nu York, Nu York! (Jacob Riis Park beach)

As I mentioned previously, I was looking for a job and went for an interview in New York in May. Now, I am finally in the Big Apple and have been settling in quite good so far. At last, I feel I have some spare time to fulfill my promise to update my blog with the new stuff from this summer! First, however, I have an autumn surprise. I was worried there wouldn’t be a possibility to hang out naked outdoors within reasonable distance from NYC… Luckily, a good friend of mine told me about an ‘insider’ nudie spot within New York City Transit area; a picturesque beach where nudity is practiced too!
naturist 0000 Jacob Riis Park beach, NY, USA
I must add immediately, that the majority of people there are not totally naked , and many say one should be careful with police raids, but others convince me there is no problem with that. So, mostly, this beach attracts gay men, many of whom wear rather amusing (to my taste) kinds of swimming trunks – I have not seen such a diversity of swimwear anywhere else (probably not the best comment to a nudist beach). Nevertheless, it is probably as nude as it gets within New York City boundaries. Most of the people seem to be regular visitors who know each other, so it was difficult for a newcomer like me to stay unnoticed. Even though sometimes I felt like I got too much of unwanted attention, it was good to get to know locals. They are very friendly, and it is common to share food and drinks (or sun lotion) with your neighbors there. And ethnical diversity reflects the multicultural scene of Brooklyn and the whole New York City.
naturist 0001 Jacob Riis Park beach, NY, USA
It is Jacob Riis Park, a part of seemingly endless sandy beach line, but the gay and nudist-friendly part is at the border with the private sector section and with a former nursery home at the background.
naturist 0004 Jacob Riis Park beach, NY, USA
The ocean may be very rough at high tide but is usually calmer at low tide. I wouldn’t advice to swim too far if you are alone. Luckily, I’ve found a company of a good swimmer Hassan, who was also nicknamed as a mayor of the beach. naturist 0002 Jacob Riis Park beach, NY, USA
Be careful with a strong current at high tide, as it may bring you quickly westwards: it is difficult to swim back then, and there are remains of wooden pierce which may become a real threat if you get hit by a strong waive. Nevertheless, if you are careful enough and have a companion, it can be a great fun to swim under such high waves.
One day, there were also a lot of jelly fish, but it is not a problem for tough men 😉
naturist 0003 Jacob Riis Park beach, NY, USA
(well, the jelly-fish were all dead and did not sting, hehe)
So, I am happy to tell you yes, there is a place for naked beach time and swimming in New York City! And the weather was good enough even in mid-October, which is another good surprise after Berlin. (Though my first summer in Berlin, in 2006, was also amazing in terms of the weather: if you look at my post about Berlin and nearby areas, there are photos from Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea made in October! But I heard here in NYC it’s a norm unlike in Berlin.)
PS Did you notice what I was drinking on the photo above? The famous “Naked” smoothies 😉
Perhaps another candidate to sponsor this blog besides japanese “Kirin Nuda”
naturist 0005 Jacob Riis Park beach, NY, USA