Naturist village Charco del Palo


An entire naturist colony, the village of Charco del Palo, is a special place for naturists on Lanzarote – you can stay clothes-free even outside of the ocean shore area and don’t need to think of clothes even when you walk to the beach from your house down the streets of the village. naturist 0004 Charco del Palo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Or even if you go to a restaurant? Unfortunately they had a siesta break when we were there, so we could only check the Menü (it was in German, of all languages). naturist 0000 Charco del Palo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

It is also a great place for snorkeling and diving, as there are a lot of different fishes and algae on the rocks. About a hundred meters off the shore, there are submerged rocks that make a nice point to swim to. On the way there, I saw some rays gliding by the bottom.

naturist 0002 Charco del Palo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

And there is an arch-like rock formation that you can walk on (and swim under).

naturist 0003 Charco del Palo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Despite the rocks, the entrance to the water is not difficult thanks to the hand rails. naturist 0001 Charco del Palo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Small children can play safely in the waters of 2 natural tidal pools, as they are shallow and protected from waves.

view 0001 Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

If you walk around on the rocky shore,

plants 0001 Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

you’ll see a lot of shrubs and succulent plants, many of which are you unique to Canary Islands.

plants 0000 Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

We were in time for their blossom (later March) of succulents,

plants 0003 Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

so as this parasitic plant called desert broomrape, which doesn’t have its own leaves (well, even some plants here prefer to stay naked!)

plants 0002 Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Check this web page for more information and directions to Charco del Palo.

flat rock beach in Athens (Limanakia)


Nudist beach at Limanakia is a popular place to enjoy the heat of summer in Athens instead of suffering from it in the city. It has a lot of convenient open flat rocks, as well as hidden corners to get some more intimate atmosphere even when it is pretty crowded. view 0003 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

The crowd is quite diverse and international, a lot of gays, sometimes textile though. The water is warm from April to October, and feels nice even when it rains. naturist 0002 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

The underwater life is pretty interesting by the way. You’ll see lots of different fishes,

fish 0002 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

schools of young fish fish 0003 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

and some parrotfish of rainbow colors.

fish 0001 Limanakia, Athens, Greecefish 0000 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

Another beautiful encounter, which we saw only once there, was this jelly fish. jellyfish 0000 Limanakia, Athens, Greecejellyfish 0001 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

Thus, Limanakia proved to be great for snorkeling and swimming.

naturist 0000 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

However, while getting out of the water beware of sea urchins,sea urchin 0000 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

although not all rocks are covered with sea urchins – some have only pretty moss animals and algae.

moss animals 0001 Limanakia, Athens, Greecemoss animals 0000 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

In any case, goggles are highly recommended both for enjoying underwater scenery and safety!

naturist 0001 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

This place is obviously great to take some good photos,

naturist 0009 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

just make sure to have good equipment;-)

naturist 0010 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

Well, this pigeon thought it was all about him and tried to get in the shot all thetime!

naturist 0011 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

But the crab turned out to be more photogenic and cooperative.

crab 0000 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

Late october, with more rain, brings some blossom to the rocks of Limanakia.

flowers 0000 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

But not only flowers can be pink there, the rocks themselves may turn pink too!

view 0001 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

This is what happened one evening with unusually bright pink clouds at sunset, which reflected their color on the rocks and the sea.

view 0002 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

In the cove which is closer to the city, view 0000 Limanakia, Athens, Greece you can also do cliff-diving. Does it look high enough?

naturist 0003 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

Well, look from above!

naturist 0004 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

By coincidence, on the day when we finally dared to jump from those cliffs, there was a contest of 12 top cliff-divers at the neighboring lake Vouliagmeni. Well, we couldn’t compete with them in terms of height of our dives, but at least we dived in a more natural way – from the cliffs, not from a platform (I don’t know why they call it cliff-diving then), and without swimsuits 😉

So, ready?!

naturist 0005 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

Wait, there is a swimmer below.

naturist 0006 Limanakia, Athens, Greece


naturist 0007 Limanakia, Athens, Greece


naturist 0008 Limanakia, Athens, Greece

And here is a video.

I think you’re convinced now to visit this place, if you’re in Athens. To get to Limanakia from the center of Athens use express bus E22 (from Panepistimiou (Πανεπιστιμίου) or Syntagma (Σύνταγμα)) or from Glyfada by buses 115 or 116 to B’ Limanakia (B’ Λιμανάκια). On my frequent visits to Athens, this was often the first place I wanted to go, granted that I also saw it from the airplane on approach to the airport; too bad I couldn’t just jump down with a parachute!

view 0004 Limanakia, Athens, Greece