dance naked… censored!

A video with young guys from Fratpad showing all kinds of moves from shower dances to real break-dance, created a stir among several visitors of this website, but was eventually deleted by Vimeo for copyright infringement. I still keep this video on Dailymotion.

Another video with naked dancers, an advertisement from London’s super club and electronic music label Ministry of Sound, went somewhat unnoticed. But now it’s been deleted from Vimeo too, for another reason though:

Vimeo does not allow pornography or sexually explicit material.

I don’t think that they show sexual acts in any known to me form; I don’t think that they show anything else except several young people dancing energetically to dance anthems of early 2000’s. If someone doesn’t realize that some parts of human body may dangle and sway during dance, this is a good educational video. But it does not make it pornographic in my opinion. And I don’t buy the argument that someone might find it sexually arousing: most pop music videos have some ‘sexy moves’ in their choreography, and many dance styles incorporate moves that you can find similar to sexual acts…

Vimeo offers a possibility to appeal:

If you believe this was an error, please reply to this email in a civil manner with your reasoning (“I see other people do it” is not a valid reason).

If you have some ideas on what I should write them, please help me.

Act against ACTA!

Recently, there’s been an increasing number of attempts to get control over the internet by Western governments. Internet community in USA managed to stop PIPA and SOPA; our website also participated in an online protest, which was expressed as a blackout (together with many other websites, including Wikipedia).

Now, there is a new, international threat to the net! ACTA!

Please sign against ACTA following the link.

Given that the previous version of our website was deleted without any warning and explanation, we feel very sensitive about any issue dealing with control of the internet, so of course active naturists are against ACTA. Find more info at