body art in a new light

Camping trips are usually associated with such visually pleasing activities as watching fire and starry sky, but on our outing to Painted Canyon (aka Mecca Hills), California, we had a rather artsy experience – light painting. It’s a photographic technic that uses a light source for “painting” (illuminating certain parts with certain colors) or “drawing” while the camera captures the scene at a prolonged exposure time. Ramon thought of it as soon as he saw a small light with red laser pointer on my key chain. It was of course very different from watching fire, because we were actively creating the imagery, but the other hand it lacked immediacy, as we couldn’t appreciate the result fully until we saw the photos on a bigger screen. However, it didn’t stop us from being engaged with light painting for most of the evening

naturist 0000 body art light

Here, I became fire spirit.

naturist 0001 body art light

Don was about to start flying with his multiple arms that emitted electric pulses…

naturist 0002 body art light

and then he became a pure spirit after separating from the shady and sketchy alter egos.

naturist 0003 body art light

Meanwhile, I was fighting with the Devil himself.

naturist 0005 body art light

Despite his tricky rasteira (a movement in capoeira used to sweep or pull an opponent’s leg in response to a kick), I still won…

naturist 0006 body art light

and became a god of lighting!

naturist 0007 body art light

So, this is what happens when naturists turn into artists 😉 Next day, we also had an amazing hike in the Painted Canyon.

naturist 0008 body art light

The next opportunity for body art, even though it will be a very different experience, is next week already  – “New York Naked Painting Party – World Tour Kick Off!” – see you there?

Photoexhibition by one of our authors in Sydney: Freedom

Brenton is a prolific blogger and an excellent photographer from Sydney. He contributed to our website a video and a story about his favourite nature retreat in New South Wales, River Island. Naturism and nudity in art are among his recurring themes, and now he has an exhibition of his photo works that combine both aspects, evoking the sensation of comfort in your own body and harmony with nature. He called his exhibition “Freedom” and that is exactly what it feels like.

Here are just a few samples from the Tumblr page of Brenton’s exhibition.

Freedom Exhibition by Brenton Parry

Freedom Exhibition by Brenton Parry

Freedom Exhibition by Brenton Parry

Freedom Exhibition by Brenton Parry