and the Burning Man ticket goes to…

As I announced earlier, I had an extra ticket to completely sold out Burning Man and decided to find a lucky one to get it among my readers… and the ticket goes to AJ from Florida!

I am really happy that this guy is getting this ticket to this fantastic event after he practically lost hope he would make it to Burning Man this year.
And if you hear his story of how he got into naturism, it makes only more sense that he’s getting the ticket through this website.
So, ironically, he first tasted that simple freedom of being naked in what was supposed to be a repressive culture: on the shores of the Black Sea in former USSR. He promised to dig up some old photos in his garage and scan them, and then he’ll have an entry about it.

For example, he was in Crimea, maybe even on some of the beaches I described previously. On top of that, his best local friend was called just like yours truly, Kyrill. Was there any doubt the ticket was meant for him?