bare dance on a bare beach

Many of you are eagerly awaiting updates from our experience as a theme camp at Burning Man, but it will take some time to get through all the amazing photos and videos – stay tuned, it’s worth the wait 😉 Meanwhile, enjoy our new video from the NuDance project.

We see dance as a celebration of human body in movement, and what a better way to celebrate and appreciate it than in the nude? Beach provides a great setting for dancing in the buff, and those old poles remind of piano keys, referring to the soundtrack by Eric Prydz – ‘Pjano’. We experiment with masks here to shift focus on body expression.

By the way, we will have our last beach session of this summer at Sandy Hook this Saturday – Gunnison Beach on the right side at 16:00. Then we plan to start again regular weekly classes in New York City; if you are interested, get on our  e-mail list for updates and find out the location and timing of the classes.

13 thoughts on “bare dance on a bare beach

  1. The dance video is excellent in all its natural beauty – that of the men and that of the land and sea!! Thank you!!


  2. Wow.
    This was amazing! The fluid motion of the dancers, the camera work and progression – moving from the pillars to the edge of the ocean, it really created a momentum in the flow of the video that matched the dancing.
    Damn impressive on all parts. Kudos!! 😀


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