Active Naturists present  NuDance, a nude dance movement, at FreeForm Festival this weekend! It may sound new to you, but we see it as urban movement going back to its roots 😉

We are about to start regular weekly classes in New York City, so if you are interested, get on our  e-mail list for updates and find out the location and timing of the classes. We are launching this project at FreeForm Festival as a part of our theme camp Gymnasium. We plan to have more workshops at other festivals, including Burning Man, and outdoor locations (e.g. Sandy Hook beach), as we see nature as a source of inspiration too.

We see dance as a celebration of human body in movement, and what a better way to celebrate and appreciate it than in the nude? We also think that by removing clothes, we’ll get rid of preconceived notions of how we are supposed to move according to the social status and social group associated with clothes; also, different dance styles are usually associated with different attire, whereas we want to give your body full freedom in motion and let you move the way you want  irrespective of style. In other words, free your ass, and your mind will follow!

The class is based on various street/urban dance styles, such as hip-hop, breaking, krump, house, etc.  Electronic music and various mixes will serve as the musical accompaniment for the class, to get your energy flowing and your heart pumping while you have fun, learn and get a great workout in the process! And while these styles may appear utterly modern, many moves and rhythms are traced back to tribal and folk origins. Thus nudity will only add that authentic, raw feel, as in many tropical cultures, as well as the cradle of European civilization, Ancient Greece, dance was often performed naked.

And as a pleasant side effect, you’ll probably learn the moves better than at any other (clothed) class, because you can’t cheat your moves naked 😉

Enjoy this preview with our brilliant instructor damoN, and stay tuned for updates! Join the NuDance Movement!

10 thoughts on “NuDance

  1. Shouldn’t this really be called Puppetry of the Penis?

    Well, at least you gay guys are causing less trouble than the whores. I mean, naked women can corrupt a man’s mind, but naked men are just hilarious. I don’t know why male nudity is even illegal, when it seems like many women don’t even care if they see nudity. It’s only heterosexual men who are sensitive to the sight of nudity (because we actually need to have sex at some point in order to prevent the human race from going extinct).


  2. Kyrill

    This sounds awesome!!!!! Can’t make it to FreeForm and it looks like I won’t be able to make it burning man this time. 😦 But I’m definitely into weekly classes for sure. Please sign me up.

    – Reuben


  3. Have fun at FreeForm! I wanna see lots of pictures! Sadly I can’t join you, I’m still travelling (South America, Florida, California), and my budget didn’t allow for FreeForm to happen for me 😦


  4. I’m upset I won’t be able to attend your Gymnasium at FreeForm this weekend! It seems amazing but the festival+transport+lodging is a little out of my budget plus I can’t take the whole weekend off unfortunately. I look forward to the blog post about it though 🙂



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