Naturist Activists, Friends and Guests in Bay Area!

This Wednesday, if possible, you should take part in the historic RALLY FOR URBAN NUDITY in San Francisco. I wrote previously about an attempt to strip San Franciscans and guests off their right to be clothes-free in public places, but here is a chance not only to stop the ban, but perhaps help to secure and expand this overlooked basic freedom?

So, here is a copy of the announcement, hope it will be success:

Greetings Body Freedom Supporters and Friends!

A reminder that on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at Noon, the  RALLY FOR URBAN NUDITY will take place on the steps of San Francisco City Hall, (across from Civic Center on Carlton B. Goodlett Place).

Clothed, nude or anywhere in between, if you support the right to choose your own form of attire without government interference, come join us!

3 thoughts on “Naturist Activists, Friends and Guests in Bay Area!

  1. Today is the judgement day!
    I’m glad this got quite a lot of media attention. This article was top read on BBC website yesterday:
    Huffingtonpost had an entry about it too, of course:

    But I was quite surprised to find out that many people don’t take it seriously, thinking that it won’t happen, ‘not in San Francisco’. Mind you, it all started with a law that required naked people to put a piece of fabric or a newspaper when seated in public places just about a year ago. Obviously, they didn’t plan to stop on that. What’s next? And we’re talking about the ‘most liberal city’ in the country that positions itself as a stronghold of democracy…


    1. Awesome! If anyone is interested:

      Hello my fellow nudist(s). We could all use more places in this world to be nude. Are you aware that there is a Petition by the Tampa Area Nudists for a clothing optional beach? That means all we have to do is ralley enough people to sign it, and T.A.N. will do the political hoop jumping/leg work. It’s free, quick, and anonymous if you choose. I am nobody, just a fellow nudist enthusiest trying to help speed this along. Thanks for reading. John from Chicago. Petition can be found at:



  2. This movement should be countywide and made “law of the land”.The garment industry with deep pockets would lose billions in swimsuit sales if all beaches become C/O.It should be left to the people (referendum) and I’m sure this will be so.Voters not special interest should call this.
    Good luck.


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