Nudism in the center of Munich

English Garden is a very nice park in the center of Bavarian capital.

Though still impressive to have an official nudist meadow in a central city park, you can feel how less easy-going with nudity Bavarians are comparing to Berliners, where there is even no need to specially designate a territory for naturists, as nudity is tolerated almost anywhere in parks and at lakes.

This park itself is a popular spot in the city where all kind of people gather for sunbathing, jogging, reading etc.

Lawns are perfect for game sports and people play ball games on the nudist meadow as well,

and if it is too hot you can dip in the freezing water of the stream dividing nudist and clothed parts, but beware of the strong current or you’ll find yourself naked in another part of the city like the hero of Alan Hollinghurst’s novel “The Line of Beauty”.

One thought on “Nudism in the center of Munich

  1. Quick question. I stayed at The Tent hostel in Munich. While there, I took a train from the hostel to someplace near the Munich Airport…where there was a lake with pine trees. One side required no clothes…the other side was optional. There were no spas…nothing fancy…just simple, cold water, a small concession stand, privacy, and a walk from the train station. Along the walk there was new, modern construction…and then rural settings…a barn, tractor, fields of wheat, etc. Would you happen to know the name of this place? It’s not Therme Erding.


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