a creative sunburnt man at Sandy Hook

naturist juggler 0023 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

This blogpost is our little tribute to the huge festival in the desert that is drawing to an end at this moment. I’ve been to Burning Man only once (in 2012) and would love to come back with my own camp, even though lately I’ve heard and read a lot of controversial opinions as to whether the festival still holds to its creative and accepting principles. Regardless, the idea of encouraging creativity, personal participation and acceptance of any [non-harmful] practices is very attractive, but I’m even more enchanted by people who live by these principles without having visited Burning Man.

naturist juggler 0026 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

I had such an encounter this weekend at Sandy Hook. He built a sort of Woodhenge, if you will, away from the crowded part of the beach, with a bench facing the ocean and a seat facing the sunset; and it was decorated by ornaments of shells on the sand. I was inspired to continue with these decorations, and who knows how it will look like in two weeks, if  it doesn’t get destroyed in a storm… By the way, Burning Man itself started at a nudist beach too, Baker Beach in San Francisco.

naturist juggler 0024 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

Meanwhile, the creator of Sandy Hook’s Woodhenge is also learning the art of juggling. Let’s follow the example and let our creative and playful inner self flourish!