Nakation at Guysers in Rotorua, New Zealand

Preamble: Sorry for not having blogged much lately (despite having lots of materials, as always), but here’s our New Year’s treat, a guest entry about ‘nakation’ (naked vacation) at a clothing-optional bed&breakfast with lots of options for outdoor activities in New Zealand, a country that welcomes New Year among the very first 😉 Happy Nude Year!

Peter and Mike are owners of a men’s clothing optional bed and breakfast in Rotorua, New Zealand called Guysers Gaystay. In 2009 they met each other in Wellington at a ‘men’s symposium group’ which was a group of about 20 guys who would meet for naked pot luck dinners once a month.

Peter and Mike have a lot in common – they both have a love of travel, in particular to Bali and all things Balinese, and a love of naturism and entertaining. Mike’s skills lie in hospitality after working in major hotels and Peter’s skills lie in graphic design, interior decors and gardening. These skills combined proved to be the perfect mix to own a bed and breakfast catering specifically for the gay male naturist (or guys who occasionally like to hang out nude with other men if they are unable to do so in their own lives).

naturist 0005  Guysers Gaystay, Rotorua, New Zealand

Guysers Gaystay B&B is clothing optional and while not all guests choose to go naked, most do, even if its just in the spa pool. Some guests have never tried nudism in a social sense before, but once they give it a go feel very comfortable with it. Men who appear quite shy at first about sitting in the lounge naked or nude sunbathing outdoors with other men quickly become at ease and wonder after an hour or two what all the nerves were about!


Thus Guysers Gaystay B&B, with its stylish and well-appointed rooms, private outdoor area and spa pool is a great starting point for male nudists to the district of Rotorua, which is a major tourist town in New Zealand offering amazing geothermal parks, lakes, rivers and forests as well as a multitude of recreation, sightseeing, adventure activities and Maori cultural experiences. Beautiful nature walks with amazing scenery are just a short drive away.

naturist 0003  Guysers Gaystay, Rotorua, New Zealand

The geothermal area of Rotorua and surrounds offer some amazing and unique bathing experiences, such as Kerosene Creek

naturist 0002  Guysers Gaystay, Rotorua, New Zealand

and the streams and waterfalls at Wai-O-Tapu – all of which are flowing with hot mineral-enriched thermal water.

naturist 0000  Guysers Gaystay, Rotorua, New Zealand

Unique thermal waterfall provides a hot shower with a great shoulder massage!

While these rivers attract a number of visitors during the day, because they are not commercialised and are very natural, nude bathing is possible here and is quite accepted even amongst those that choose to wear textiles. (But like any nude activity in a public place, discretion and common sense is required).

Exploring some of the lakes in the district it is possible to find secluded bays which are perfect for a naked sunbathe or picnic. One bay in particular is on the northern side of Lake Rotoma located 30 minutes from Rotorua City and then by travelling on an unsealed road for about 6kms (hence its seclusion).

naturist 0004  Guysers Gaystay, Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua is located inland about 1 hour drive from the nearest coastline, but it’s certainly worth visiting local beaches! The beach at Papamoa near Tauranga is probably the most recognised nude beach in the Bay of Plenty and the NZ Naturist Federation Sun Clubs of Katikati and Rotota about equal distance from Rotorua (these sun clubs offer day visits for non-members, men and women).

naturist 0001  Guysers Gaystay, Rotorua, New Zealand

There are also some Department of Conservation walkways in the Rotorua region where nude hiking is possible. Usually cars in the carpark at the start of any of these walkways is an indication as to whether people are using the tracks. If yours is the only car there chances are you will be the only ones there and so it should be fine to embark on a naked hike.

If you would like to know more about Guysers Gaystay B&B or any information about Rotorua or naturism in New Zealand in general feel free to contact Peter or Mike by e-mail.

hiking at Mount Tauhara, New Zealand

The central region of the North Island of New Zealand is known for its picturesque views of Lake Taupo, Rotorua, Mount Ruapehu, Waikato River and the famous Tongariro Crossing. While these places are worth a visit, there is another peak that is worth a climb.

naturist 0000 Mount Tauhara, North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand does not have any specific laws that prohibit nakedness in public, so I decided to climb Mount Tauhara near Taupo nude on a recent sunny afternoon.

naturist 0001 Mount Tauhara, North Island, New Zealand

The climb begins by opening a gate to a cow farm. The cows were staring and mooing at me as I passed. Watch out for the cow dung! The beginning of the hike is rather open, with little tree cover so I waited to disrobe until I was under cover (I forgot my sun cream). This section of the climb, through the farm, is the most strenuous as it is steep. This summer has been extremely dry and a drought has been declared in the area.

naturist 0002 Mount Tauhara, North Island, New Zealand

Once I reached the watering tanks, I removed my clothing and started through the lush green forest that surrounds the mountain. It was much cooler and my non protected skin was happy not to be completely exposed to the harsh sun. The covered section of the climb has some very gentle climbs and others that get much more steep. There is a waterfall during the trek up, but the drought has made it more of a trickle.At several points on the climb there are fantastic views of the city of Taupo, its lake, and on very clear days the peaks of Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe, and Mount Tongariro.

naturist 0005 Mount Tauhara, North Island, New Zealand

This day was a perfect. However, on cloudy or foggy days you can actually be above the clouds once you reach the top section. The 360 degree views are amazing. The peak has areas where you can walk and see other magnificent views.

naturist 0004 Mount Tauhara, North Island, New Zealand

The walk up the 1,088 meter climb is considered strenuous and takes approximately 90 minutes. It takes 45-60 minutes to climb down.

naturist 0003 Mount Tauhara, North Island, New Zealand

It is not well groomed and many locals are the people that climb it. Mount Tauhara is in a protected Maori area and access can be restricted by the tribe that protects it, so I was careful to have my shorts ready in case someone that protects the mountain objected to my nudity.

I have always had a meaningful experience on my 30 climbs of Mount Tauhara, and I am glad I finally completed the climb in the nude this time.   naturist 0006 Mount Tauhara, North Island, New Zealand

This a a guest post. Text and photos by Nick.