Lisbon has at least two nudist beaches in vicinity, both of them are also good for surfing: Praia 19 and Praia do Meco.


2 thoughts on “Lisbon

  1. Hi!

    you’re missing a huge (or group of, uninterrupted) naturist beach between Fonte da Telha and the Lagoa de Albufeira, starting where it says Arriba Fóssil da Costa da Caparica on your map, and ending on that lagoon (Lagoa de Albufeira).

    It’s called Praia da Adiça and it’s simply fabulous. We’re talking km of sand, without any buildings or roads, often completely empty.


    1. thanks! However, we’re not listing all known naturist locations – only those we have been to and posted a story about. You’re more than welcome to contribute a guest entry about this place – sounds great!


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