Izu peninsula near Tokyo

Tokyo, like any other city in Japan, has onsens – baths with water natural hot springs that are traditionally naked. We recommend to go outside the city and head south to Izu peninsula (see my posts about Izu from 2008 and 2010) where onsens a truly natural and surrounded by beautiful scenery, and on top of that the visit can be combined with going to a beautiful ocean beach.

9 thoughts on “Izu peninsula near Tokyo

  1. We are organising nudist beach tours, near to Tokyo and seeking couples or single women to share nudist experiences. No sex, no danger, only nakedness.

    Young nudists are welcome.
    Let’s join us and try the feeling of nudity and freedom.

    Contact us: japan.nudist@gmail.com


      1. We would like to protect our girlfriends/wives only.
        Some cases we are accepting single males also, but in general trying to keep the 50% – 50% gender ratio or so. We do not allow the increasing of male ratio, because it is not a peepshow club.


        1. I think it’s a very sexist attitude to think that most male nudists would join you only to “peep” at women. There are plenty of genuine male nudists and it’s a shame if you dismiss them purely based on their gender. Also, the fact that you artificially to maintain 50-50 ratio could indicate that you’re organizing a swinger group (key word ‘artificially’). I think you should try to talk to each candidate and see what they’re up to, but their gender shouldn’t be the deciding factor


  2. Hi, I just read your blog. One word…..WOW!!
    Anyway I live in Nagoya Japan. Do you know any nude social activities there or do you have any nude friend in Japan?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Yoko,
      Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for my late reply! I haven’t been to Japan in a while and don’t know of any organized activities there. I’ll try to connect you with a friend of mine in Tokyo.


    2. Hi Yoko
      I lived 4 years in Japan and became friend with a group of japanese friends, male and female who enjoy nudism;
      They live in kansai and some times they organized travel to hiden beach near Okayama
      We also went to some konyoku
      I come still to japan for business
      Near Nagoya there is a nice onsen : Akaishi where many people enjoy soaking together
      If you have opportunity to visit France we have many nudist beaches and nudist clubs
      You are welcome
      Mata ne


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