Naked hike alert: Summer Solstice Hike in Vermont

I got an email from one of my readers about a hike that has become traditional on the summer solstice day on a stretch of Appalachian trail in Vermont. Although I am not sure I am joining this time, I would encourage to check it out. Here is the text that I got and a couple of pics:

Here are the directions to the hike. From Bennington, VT take US Rte 7 north to Danby. In Danby, turn right onto Mt Tabor Rd(Becomes USFS #10) and drive about 3.4 miles to the AT parking lot(on right). We meet there at 9 AM. From there we pile into some of the cars and head to Wallingford. In Wallingford we turn right onto VT Rte 140 and drive another AT parking lot( about 3.4 miles, parking lot is on left). From there we start hiking back to the other parking lot. The hike is approximately 10 miles. The first 2.5 – 3 miles is uphil after that it is a roling downhill There are plenty of ops for photos. About 2 miles from the end the is Little Rock Pond and is time for cooling off or doing some swimming. After that, it’s back to the cars. The hike is classified as moderate to easy.

If you have any further questions, ask Ed by email.

3 thoughts on “Naked hike alert: Summer Solstice Hike in Vermont

  1. Indeed, I was with these guys last year on this hike! It was a lot of fun and the description above is accurate. I aim to join again this time, hopefully carrying fewer pounds of camera gear along than before. With one exception, all the folks we encountered on this hike were friendly and accepting, and appreciative of our collective courtesy and sensitivity to others. We projected a very positive healthy body freedom experience as we stopped and chatted with a half-dozen groupings of curious passers-by from many walks of life. Regarding the one exception, a disapproving father fishing with his toddler daughter, we kindly yielded to his wish that we keep a distance from “his corner” of the lake. Not a problem, it’s a big and spectacular lake for all to enjoy in splendid privacy! I hiked this naked solstice tradition these past two years. My first time there were eight guys aged about 50 to a spry 78, and I think this last year there were seven, though mostly we were a different group than the prior year, and on average a younger group, too, ranging from about 30 to 67 in age. I imagine there will be some welcome new faces this time too, but also the same wonderful sense of camaraderie. See you all soon!


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