Happy Newd Year!

Finally active naturists are alive and kicking! Again! Only better now, with WordPress 🙂

New Year, new website! Happy Newd Year everyone! Best wishes and lots of  new nude experiences 🙂 I am taking off to the Nude Year’s Eve with YNA now, as last year.


3 thoughts on “Happy Newd Year!

  1. Have just discovered your blog and love it !
    Wow some of the places you have been….I loved the dead sea,love to float nude in the sea ,it looked wonderful and free !
    I look forward to more reading of your adventures.
    Peter Melbourne Australia


  2. Милый Кирилл,
    Поздравляю с Новым годом и новым сайтом!
    Счастья тебе, милый, исполнения желаний!


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