Locations for naturist vacations!

The world is full of great locations for naturist activities and vacations! Sea beaches, lakes, parks, forests, deserts, hot springs – scroll the map and chose your spot around the globe. Push View Larger Map button to see the exact locations and directions. Our experiences at these locations are described in the blog here. You’ll be probably surprised to learn that many major cities have places and events where clothing is not an option. Of course, there are numerous resorts and holiday destinations that welcome tourists who do not want to go home with tan lines 🙂 And whenever we had a chance to be in remote places in the wild, we would enjoy and explore them in the buff, just as nature intended.

There are some official or simply ‘known’ places where nudity is accepted in many major world cities, as well as popular holiday destinations; finally, our planet still has a lot of wild places where it feels only more natural to take off the clothes.

Cities: Berlin, Athens, New York, Barcelona, Kiev, Tokyo, Cape Town, Cologne, London, Lisbon, Miami, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, San Diego.

Holiday destinations: Crete, Crimea, Canary Islands, HawaiiIbiza, Mykonos, Rügen island, Dead Sea, Capri,  Tulum, EilatHurghada.

Into the wild: the list is coming soon, but you can look through the blog, it’s all there 😎

naturist 0005 Agia Roumeli beach, Crete, Greece

36 thoughts on “Locations for naturist vacations!

  1. “Bali au Naturel”, a beach front nudist resort in Northern Bali, is unfortunately not on the map. Opened in 2004, it has kept growing from 3 to 15 rooms, 1 to 3 swimming pools, gym, spa, beach front “clothing-optional” restaurant and plenty of outside “textile” activities


      1. I’ve been there twice before and have blogged about it. I’ll be going there again in less than 2 weeks’ time!!! You can read the various blog posts I’ve posted about it, complete with photos:

        I’ll blog more about it when I’m there!!!


  2. Don’t you know Vera playa in Vera – ALMERIA (Spain). There are not only nudist beach but hotel and apartments nudist.


  3. A place on Spain that you don’t have in this blog is “El Portus Naturist Camping” this place belongs to Murcia province of Spain, and is totally naturist place, with a beach, hotel, bungalows and camping area. Look its web page at http://www.elportus.com


  4. Hi,
    Glad to have found your site and blog. There are a number of Naturist resorts in South Africa which don’t feature on your map. I have been offering naturist breaks at my guest house #TheHootingOwl on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast for more than ten years. Please google naturist accommodation in South Africa for a list of places to add to your map.


    1. Thanks, John! I’m aware of quite a few naturist locations in South Africa and dream of visiting them. However, we don’t just list each and every venue that we know of. The distinctive feature of this website is to have a personal story. You’re more than welcome to contribute a guest entry, just get in touch via email. Kirill


  5. You really have to go to the Cap d’Agde which is one of the biggest naturist center in the world and the biggest in Europe.


    1. I’ve left it out simply because none of the contributors of this website have been there, and our main focus is personal experiences. You’re welcome to submit a guest entry!


  6. Hello, Just want to say you’ve got a great blog. I especially liked the last one with the beach gymnastics and caparea photos. I was wondering if you could add Apollo Beach, just south of New Symrna Beach, Florida, and Playalinda Beach, just east of Titusville, Fla., to your map. Both are in the Cape Canaveral National Seashore Park. Apollo is designated as legal clothing optional, and Playalinda is de facto clothing optional.


  7. Have you ever been to Cap d’Agde France. I was planning a trip this summer but was looking for someone’s first hand experiences.


    1. I have been to Cap d’Agde at least 8 times over the years, first starting in 1987. July and August are of course the busy, with the first two weeks of August being the busiest.
      I’ve gone in June as well.
      When I first started going it felt much more naturist. People were more likely to be nude in the evenings and around the village during the day.
      Since they have greatly increased there day trippers and people coming into the resort in the evening, the amount of voyeurs has increased to the point where I’ve seen people point and laugh at nude people.
      Also heterosexual swingers have taken over to the point where police patrols on the beach and local government concern has taken hold.
      In the evening you see women dressed up in fetish wear, while the men do not.
      Just look at the latest AGN brochure which pushes the swinger lifestyle now and not the naturist one.
      That said, it is truly one of the few places where you CAN be nude in an urbanish like setting. I haven’t been in five years, and probably will go back, but in June when it’s quieter.


        1. I think every die hard nudist should visit Cap d’Agde at least once. I used to get angry when I say how un-naturist it had become, but now I just take it stride since it is still a unique experience.


  8. I came accross this site due to a video posted on “Vimeo” called “Old School Wrestling.” Does anyone know how or where to find those dvd’s?


    1. Thanks for your comment! we normally write (and add to the map) only about locations that we have visited personally. But you’re are welcome to write a guest entry with you own photos and we’ll add it to the map too!


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