Buffs in the buff

In this section, we’ll tell you a little about main contributors of this website – naturism buffs, so to say, who like to hang out in the buff and share their stories with the world.

Kyrill: I live in New York City now, and as you may already know from the blog, I was pleasantly surprised to find several official, non-official or simply secluded enough places to hang out naked here; I’ve quickly acquired quite a big circle of naturist friends here, and on top of that, there are some organizations that arrange regular events in the buff.

The idea to write this blog came to me when I lived in Berlin, which is a truly naturist-friendly city. But I noticed that young people were underrepresented in the so-called free body culture, FKK. Once I was at a beach there playing badminton with my friends and thought that I should share such experiences online to show that naturism is not merely naked sunbathing but also involves a lot of exciting experiences like sports and outdoor activities. I also thought that personal stories and photos will make it more engaging.

I wasn’t raised as a nudist, but even in my childhood I liked to play naked. I remember seeing documentaries about tropical cultures where people were naked, and it just seemed so natural to me. Also, my grandma told me that in her village on the Volga River during war years, people were too poor to buy swimsuits, and those who could afford them would rather put them on the head to show off. This first sounded funny to me but also made me wonder why nowadays we were supposed to wear swimsuits (and perhaps many people still buy expensive swimsuits for the same reason – to show off). In my late teens, I had my first skinny-dipping experience with a couple of friends and it was a good start. When I studied in Moscow, I finally ventured into the world of social naturism by visiting a local clothes-free beach… I liked the feeling of freedom, and eventually I just realized that many many things are more fun in the buff.

Juan: I’m a Spanish guy who discovered nudism some years ago and has been enjoying it ever since.

First at the naked beach, but later I found that doing many things in the buff was twice the joy. Alone or with friends, it is always a joyful and relaxing  time. It’s incredible how something that costs nothing may be so nice and liberating.

Sadly, many people today still see nudism as something weird. So now I’m helping Kyrill with the blog, showing people places around the world to practice nudism, and showing how many things can be done and how natural it can be. Hope you enjoy the journey.



Joe: I am so to say a representative in Berlin, a stronghold of FKK, which stands for ‘free body culture’ in German.

Besides swimming and running around naked,

I love photography and some of the pictures you can see on the blog were made by me 🙂

damoN: So, how did I get introduced to nudism/naturism?  Well, it’s a bit of an adventure from when I first heard about it, then seeing it, and then actually partaking in and “practicing” it  myself, so bear with me here!

I first heard of the term nudism/naturism through a good friend of mine in Connecticut (where I was raised most of my life until relocating to NYC). He is a lifelong, dedicated nudist and attends the annual GNI (Gay Nudists International) event every year and has been for the past 30 years. Upon hearing about it and him sharing pictures with me, I thought it was the oddest, silliest thing I’d ever seen. Though captivated, I dared not try it out. For what? Furthermore, at that time the only people I knew of that were nudists were older folks, and I hated being in environments where I was the youngest of a group and seemingly stood out. Heaven forbid!  That was like torture for me, at that time.

naturist NuDance 0002 Miami, Florida, USA

Fast forward from 2008 to about 2012.  I was introduced to a group known as the Radical Faeries, who were anything but “normal”. Conformity is not a strong suit amongst this group. Well, I danced naked for the first time. Around a Bonfire on top of that!  From that experience, I went on to do a naked dance project in Miami in 2013 through a friend who saw me dancing and gave me an offer for a project he was working on.

naturist NuDance 0001 Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

And then….  my first time going to a naked beach in 2014, Sandy Hook, New Jersey.  Haven’t worn a bathing suit since 🙂

naturist NuDance 0000 Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

I am also the instructor/teacher and co-founder of the “NuDance” (Fridays nights in Midtown Manhattan). Check out some of the videos that my good friend Kyrill has filmed and directed – and perhaps join us for a class when you are in town!!!

Dan: I live in London and have been into naturism since my early 20s. I started off going to nude beaches in and around Europe and soon after that I got to know other naturists in and around the UK and further away, including some big organised naturist sports events. I love living an active naturist lifestyle, whether that’s playing sports naked like swimming or running or exploring the great outdoors by hiking on my travels.

naturist 0000 active naturists

André: I’m from the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. For foreigners, Brazil represents an image of freedom and fun – perhaps thanks to the carnivals, exoticism, eternal summer, bronze and toned bodies… But in reality our body freedom is more limited. Even though women are allowed to go topless, if they decide to do so, they are likely to attract the stares of disapproval from the puritans. Naturism is still a very small here: considering the enormous quantity of beaches available in the country, and only 8 or so are known as naturist. All these beaches have one more thing in common: natural beauty! As they are typically located in more secluded areas, where nature is well preserved.

naturist 0002 Brasil

I’ve been a naturist since 2004. I started visiting beaches – Abricó, Olho de Boi, Galheta; then I joined a naturist group in São Paulo. We had gatherings of 50 people, sometimes more, at different places like farms, hotels, campsite and it was always great to go ‘natural’ in a social setting.

naturist 0000 Brasil

Being naked represents to me a great feeling – first of all of freedom, when we are all equal and don’t judge each other based on what we wear. We are just the way we all came to this world – naked. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of misconceptions about naturism in Brazil, though its philosophy is simply to enjoy nudity in contact with nature, but we are going towards larger acceptance of nudity in the public domain.



There are also other contributors and friends (some “virtual”, some “real”) who have added their stories as well, or helped with translation some of the posts in various languages such as Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

You are welcome to contact us by leaving comments here or via e-mail.

13 thoughts on “Buffs in the buff

  1. I have loved the freedom of being naked from a child but always felt some sense of guilt as I could not share my feelings with anyone else….. until I visited the South of France as an adult.
    Seeing a nude man sitting on a rock enjoying the sea view changed my life.
    I realized that others shared my joy of being naked and have been enjoying different situations nude ever since.
    You are so fortunate to enjoying being nude at a young age.
    Enjoy all your activities and I encourage any young people to try naturism and discover living life to the fullest.
    I look forward to sharing all your future activities.

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  2. I knew from four years of age through today, furthermore, until death do us part, that I was meant to be nude. It has brought nothing but unrepentant joy to my life. Absolutely everything good in my life came from being naked, either by myself, with family or others. The only way to top that awesome feeling, is by avoiding tan lines altogether while at one with nature in God’s beautiful outdoors.
    One day while hiking nude through a nearby forest preserve, I came upon a clearing with some pick nick tables. Cautiously venturing into the area, as I was carrying my shorts and tee-shirt, no one there, how nice. Wandering over to one of the pick nick tables I placed my shirt and shorts at the end of the table, then sat down on top of them, leaned back, and laid there staring at the overcast sky above.
    Nodding off with a slight breeze caressing my entire body, when awoke about an hour and a half later to a sound. Opening my eyes worried that someone had found me in my natural state. Happily, I found that about twelve white tail deer surrounded me, bucks, does, and fawns, feeding off the grass. As I slowly sat up, they didn’t budge, here I was with some of God’s most beautiful creatures “al natural”, it just doesn’t get any better than that. With liberty and bodily freedom for all, God bless…

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  3. Nick here – Love your stories. I started practising nudism since I was 13 yo, illegally on beaches in Spain and Belgium (in the early seventies), the Netherlands and Croatia (both legally) when I was 17 yo. Ever since I never stopped visiting nude places and staying at nudist resorts all over the world (too many to mention here). Being “addicted” to SE Asia, there was a problem – no nudity. Till I created my own nudist resorts 14 years ago which are now very popular and well known nudist resorts, i.e. Laki Uma Villa and Bali au Naturel where I now live permanently and naked 24/7 sharing the freedom of nudity with many other guests and friends.

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  4. David here – I share the sentiments of everyone who posted before me . I really have Kyrill to thank for introducing me to Naturism and finding the courage to give it a try . That was almost three years ago when I came across his blog . He and his friends posted pictures of the run at Sunny Rest and I visited for the first time on July the 4th . It really is wonderful to experience nature in this free state . I felt very secure and more grounded in my body than I had for quite awhile . There is art and beauty in the pictures on this blog – human nature and the natural world are married as it were . And a certain joy in the faces that you see . I’ve been inspired by Kyrill and delighted to share his journeys if only here in cyber-land . I hope one day we can meet . I know we can be good friends . I also want to capture the beauty of these photos in pictures one day – perhaps watercolor – the colors are breathtaking and very dramatic and when counter-poised with the warmth of the human form are very beautiful . Maybe you guys could publish a book – Think about this … ok, thanks .

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  5. I like your blog. It’s very informative. Although you guys are naked, your nudity is not bothersome. The focus is on your spirit rather than your body. Some naturist blogs and website are all about being naked but yours goes deeper. Your blog celebrates the freedom of being nude in nature. So, well done, guys! God bless!


  6. Kyrill, Juan, Joe, you guys go a great job with all of your great nude adventures. Being a fairly new nudist myself, I think it’s so awesome the things you can do in the nude. You guys take the most awesome adventures, keep it up, I can’t wait to see where you guys will head to next!

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  7. Man, really enjoyed your blog. Here a naturist dad, too rare to meet others to share nice and natural experiences at our city… but nice to know your way of life and hope to share with you some sunny day! Nice regards! Amauri

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