tennis in the buff (in breaks between volleyball)

In my previous blogpost, I wrote about naturist volleyball tournaments throughout the US which I visit a couple of times a year, and last weekend it was the SunnyBowl at Sunny Rest Resort. Though it is the smallest one of its kind that I’ve been to, I could see many familiar faces from the naturist volleyball community. There were hardly enough people to make two teams in the novice division, where I’ve been playing so far, but then two of us joined the more advanced B-level teams. Let’s see where we’ll end up at the major naked volleyball Super Bowl in September! And when we were not playing volleyball or chilling by the pool, we played tennis. Well, or at least tried to – it was my first time actually! I love it when I try a new activity, and right away in the buff… as long as I don’t get fined for that, as was the case with acro-yoga! Well, this certainly wouldn’t happen at Sunny Rest, being a naturist resort. Their tennis courts are in great condition with rackets and balls provided for free. Enjoy these photos from our tennis match!

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Sorry for not having any imagery from the volleyball tournament itself, but you can (re)watch the videos in my previous blogpost, though they were shot at another resort. It seems like SunnyBowl is good at providing photo and video materials other than volleyball, as I shot a hypnotizing session of fire-spinning last year. By the way, I’m surprised that there is no big naturist tennis movement, although most naturist resorts are equipped with tennis courts. Maybe Sunny Rest should change that, and add ‘Sunny Open’ to its curriculum!

9 thoughts on “tennis in the buff (in breaks between volleyball)

  1. Is there anybody in the miami dade or broward area that is interested in a friendship. I’d like to meet a friend so I don’t have to hang out alone.


  2. I’d love to do volleyball and tennis naked! Both are fun games. I wish there were regular opportunities to do so that were nearby.

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  3. If you come to Lake Como for volleyball next March, plan to practice your tennis on one of our fabulous clay courts. I’ll be glad to give you some pointers. Ray


    1. thanks, but the “problem” is that the volleyball tournament at Lake Como is a lot more packed with volleyball than SunnyBowl, so I’m not sure I’ll also have energy for tennis. It’d be fun though!


  4. Just a thought – seems as if tennis would be easier for you to learn if you had footwear other than sandals. Regardless – keep enjoying your new naked adventures!!


    1. that’s correct, Bill! I totally should have worn something better than flip-flops, but I didn’t have any shoes, as I came to play volleyball barefoot on the grass/sand. I guess for this reason I still prefer badminton over tennis, as you can play the former on natural surface


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