Dream Canyon in Colorado

naturist 0008 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

We had a very short hike last summer in Dream Canyon, west of Boulder, Colorado, but it was clear why it was called so – breath-taking views awaited us there, and to add some more dreamy atmosphere, we hiked in the buff.

Dream Canyon has a bit of history of nude outdoor recreation probably thanks to the fact that it’s somewhat complicated to navigate there while also being close to Boulder, one of the hippest cities in America whose dwellers love outdoors. It took us a while to find a convenient parking lot with numerous trails coming down. 

view 0000 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

At first, the beauty of the canyon was  concealed by the pine forest. We took one of the least used trails, and after just a few minutes of pretty steep descent

naturist 0001 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

we got to an open space with the view over the canyon.

naturist 0007 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

But not only the majestic views impressed me, it was interesting to see such a multi-colored plant! (Which I later found out was Oregon grape holly.)

Oregon grape holly 0000 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

We continued our hike down, however,

naturist 0006 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

and found even better spots to enjoy the views and have our lunch, somewhere midway between the top of the canyon and the creek in its bottom.

naturist 0002 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

This place is well-known among rock climbers, and it’s obvious why!

naturist 0003 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

We didn’t have any climbing equipment, but it was also fun to run down and up those steep trails without it, and any clothes either.

naturist 0004 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

It certainly helps being flexible, and I can see why Mateo has a nickname of Spider-Man in some circles 🙂

naturist 0005 Dream Canyon, Colorado, USA

Next time we should spend a bit more time there and perhaps find a place for [naked] bouldering. When in Boulder… 😉

27 thoughts on “Dream Canyon in Colorado

  1. I hiked Dream Canyon today 7-2-19.Got lost getting there and it took a while to find the trail going down to the water.Take Boulder Canyon Rd west to Sugarloaf Rd. Take a right on Sugarloaf and continue up the mountain until you come to Lost Angel Rd . Turn left onto Lost Angel Rd and when you come to a fork in the road go L onto N Gulch Rd until you come to a parking lot on the left side of the road. N Gulch is a terrible very narrow road with lots of pot holes and ruts.From the parking lot there are a number of “trails” which , as far as I could tell, lead nowhere. The trail going to the bottom is to the right of the sign, not to the left like all the trails leading to nowhere.It is a steep trail down but well worth it. I hiked it in the nude and did not come across anyone in either direction. I sunbathed on a rock at the river until the clouds and some thunder told me it was time to go


    1. It is about 10 miles west of Boulder, CO. I go there often. Not too much hiking but the scenery is great.


  2. I would love to hike dream canyon but I’ve heard and read online that the locals complain to much about nudity. is that true?


  3. Good post !
    I wish I could talk my other half into doing more nude hiking. She’s always so worried that she’ll be seen even though I’ve told her I hardly ever see anyone while I’m walking in the Essex Countryside naked or not.


  4. It’s a very beautiful place, been there many times. The granite rock is textured in a way that makes it feel almost adhesive to climb on.


  5. Oh man….I tried to find this a couple years ago when in Boulder…no luck….I thought it was closed off for some reason…..


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