Zensual yoga in New York

I think New York wouldn’t be New York without some naked yoga classes. In fact, well before moving here, just when I got interested in naturism I got across Hot Nude Yoga videos of Aaron Star school and tried to follow those at home in Moscow and later in Berlin. Now this school is in Hawaii, as far as I know, but luckily, there are new options in New York City, and clearly there is a demand for it.

naturist 0002 Zensuality Yoga, New York, NY, USA

Zen and her family are well known both in yogi and naturist community. I got to know them at the Lighthouse beach when they came with their drum set to Vita Nuda’s event. Then I was glad to find out the she taught classes of naked yoga, dubbed as Zensual yoga. It is conveniently located in Midtown near Bryant Park in Solstice Studio (moved Downtown to The Warshaw Dance Studio). It is a small but pretty place, and the lighting is perfect. Zen also brings her friends to play live music – didgeridoo and African drums – during the class, which sets everyone on a good, relaxed wave.

Zen’s classes are definitely worth joining for anyone willing to learn basic yoga poses and relax at full. You’ll go through some breathing exercises, like breath of fire, and major poses, such as downward facing dog,

naturist 0001 Zensuality Yoga, New York, NY, USAnaturist 0000 Zensuality Yoga, New York, NY, USA

and different versions of the ‘warrior’;

naturist 0004 Zensuality Yoga, New York, NY, USA

my favourite one is the peaceful warrior 🙂

naturist 0005 Zensuality Yoga, New York, NY, USA

Whether you follow yoga teachings or not, I believe these exercises improve your respiration control, blood flow and flexibility, and give you more control over your body. Doing it in the buff will only increase the effect.

As if all that is not enough, in the end of Zen’s classes, some delicious raw food snacks and deserts are offered. Their chocolate truffles are simply divine! Actually, they also mentioned raw food ‘cooking’ classes – I am looking forward to those! Here is the link to their Meetup page for upcoming events.

12 thoughts on “Zensual yoga in New York

  1. Have gone to naked yoga in New York and in London too – and also clothed in London, which I did not enjoy at all, naked is the only way to be


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