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טיול רגלי בסמוך לנווה מדבר בים המלח

 English אחרי , יומים של שנירקול במפרץ אילת המשכתי הלאה. התחנה הבאה במסעי ישראל היתה ים המלח. חברה שלי אירחה אותי אצלה בקיבוץ עין גדי (זה אותה החברה שלקחה אותי לחוף געש). הקיבוץ שוכן בשמורת עין גדי השלוה לחופו של ים המלח. … Continue reading

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צף על המים בים המלח

 English המסע שלי בחופי ישראל החל בים סוף ומשם לים התיכון ועכשיו הגיע תורו של החוף המיוחד ביותר בישראל (ואולי היחודי ביותר שפגשתי אי פעם) הוא ים המלח. ים המלח נמצא בנקודה הנמוכה ביותר בעולם כולו ואחד משלושה האגמים המלוחים … Continue reading

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[naked] Burning Man

Finally, I am getting to write about one of the brightest events of the last year and my whole life so far – Burning Man, a festival that I had wanted to attend for years! And it is just on … Continue reading

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Happy Newd Year!

Finally active naturists are alive and kicking! Again! Only better now, with WordPress :-) New Year, new website! Happy Newd Year everyone! Best wishes and lots of  new nude experiences :-) I am taking off to the Nude Year’s Eve … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Bye-bye Google’s blogger, hello WordPress! Whatever the reason was, but my blog was deleted from blogger and no explanation was given. I hope WordPress will serve me well.

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Act naturally

Sorry for not posting much lately, but as usually it is not because I lack fresh material (there is actually plenty of old stuff to be published yet!), but because I haven’t had enough time for updates. But I decided … Continue reading

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naturist photography, art and pornography

Felicity, a blogger from Young Naturists and Nudists America, has recently raised a question whether it is possible to draw an objective line between naturist photography, nudes in art and pornography in her blog. I am sure there are photos with naked … Continue reading

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praia naturista em Rio de Janeiro

 English Surpreendentemente a praia de Abricó é uma das poucas praias naturistas da América do Sul. Sua proximidade ao Rio de Janeiro a deixa bem cheia nos finais-de-semana, com algumas actividades esportivas naturistas organizadas pela Associação naturista da Praia de Abricó, o que … Continue reading

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dance, dance, dance!

Dancing naked always sounds like a great idea to me, and I have been to a couple of specialized naked discos – Starkers! in London and SchlagerNackt in Berlin, and was even spinning myself at Nude Year’s Eve in New York, but the idea … Continue reading

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floating in the Dead Sea

עברית Finally, after describing my adventures at Israel’s Mediterranean and Red Sea shores, I am getting to the third, and arguably most unusual sea on my trip (and in my experience in general), the Dead Sea! Being the lowest land spot on Earth … Continue reading

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