Beaches of Legrena near Athens

Legrena is located about 2h of bus/car ride from the centre of Athens on the way the cape Sounion, where Aegeus was waiting for his son Theseus after the battle with Minotaur… Well, you probably know the myth and why the sea is actually called Aegean. Now the cape feature ruins of the Temple of Poseidon, another father of Theseus, so it is a popular tourist spot, especially during sunset.
And if you want to combine sightseeing with beach fun, you should stop over at Legrena. There are several beaches of different size, with different ground, open and secluded.

It was easy to find a spot with none else in the nearest 30 meters, but unfortunately it was not easy to find a spot to enter the sea. To be precise, the first several meters of shallow water are fine, but it is too shallow to swim.Closer to the bus stop (Athens-Sounio bus) lies a long sandy beach. When we were there in August it was almost empty, maybe because Athenians left to the islands and tourists do not know about it…
But further offshore the bottom is full of urchins, so it’s quite risky to walk.
Since it was also windy we couldn’t play frisbee or beach bats, but we had a jump rope by chance so it was practically the only way to stay active ;-)

I must admit it was quite fun to jump in the setting sun at the beach.

The other day we were at a smaller sandy beach further from the station but without urchins at the bottom. As we were alone there we felt free to stay clothes-free and play beach bats and threesome ring frisbee, which turned out to be a blast, as it is more resistant to the wind blow than a disc and is also super fast. Too bad I don’t have a video of that. Later there appeared one more naked man at the end of the beach, one clothed family, and one man kept walking forth and back. He pointed at us and said (in Greek) we were crazy to play around naked, although to be honest he himself seemed rather crazy, and why did he return several times if he didn’t like the site of us playing frisbee naked?
Finally in mid-October, on a very hot day, I visited the “official” nudist beach of Legrena. Actually again, even the non-nudist part was almost empty, with one naked man and another clothed in the shade. This beach is pebbly, and some of the rocks are light-pink! As the beach is turned directly to the sun and surrounded by rocks it got really hot,
I couldn’t sit anymore and went swimming. I saw several more coves with one or few naked men in each.
At one of the coves there was a partly submerged tunnel with some bright pinkish rocks.
Later on I walked to the “official” nudist part of the beach. This time the pathway was full beautiful light-green rocks.
The entrance to the naturist part is announced by a notification (in Greek) on a huge rock.
Another announcement is placed in the middle of the beach.
And if you still don’t get the point or cannot read greek, there are some smaller international notifications like this rock with FKK sign.

Again, there were some rocks of peculiar shapes and colors, like this dark-green ‘mini-vulcano’.
This place must be certainly interesting for a geologist, I bet there are some naturists among them as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been to this beach once and loved it!! lucky you!:-)Danny

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