Free hiking on Tenerife

Tenerife has more to offer to naturists than beaches. Even in mountain forest, with the tropical sun above you, you can go hiking clothes-free. Here we suggest a route (shown approximately on the map) that we went ourselves from Los Organos to Güímar: two days of pure mountain air, pure nature, pure naturism. But you may need three days :) However, this is not an official nudist area, but given general acceptance of nudism on Canary Islands, it should not be a problem, and this area is anyway large enough to avoid many contacts with other hikers. Most probably you will not see other tourists, if you do not walk on major trails all the time. But what you will see is breath-taking view down the valley and up to the snow-capped mount Teide.
To get to Los Organos take bus 345 or 348 from Puerto de la Cruz or La Orotava. The bus stops where the rout starts on the map. First you will go by pretty broad road, but already there you may take off the clothes, and it is highly recommended to do so as soon as you decide to climb by one of the smaller trails up the mountains (see the map, but consider that unfortunately we cannot provide exact details of our hiking route, so please take care which trail to take or just follow the main ones, but then you will need more time (or a bike)). This part of the forest is quite humid, with pines and cedars covered by “beards” of lichens. The way up in that part is not really dangerous, but still challenging. But once you are high enough you will be rewarded with magnificent view and incomparable tranquility. Get some rest and follow a narrow horizontal trail (hope you’ll find it! But if you keep going higher, you cannot really miss it, as it is horizontal). Sometimes the mountainside is really steep, but then there are hand-rails along the path. And then you see clouds right below you, and you just feel like a god :) Bit by bit the forest gets drier, and you’ll meet some eucalypti among the local flora. We were stupid enough to get off this trail and continued climbing higher, so by night we were above the forest. Then it took some efforts to find a flat spot by a massive pine tree, which stood up solely over the rocks and bushes. At night the wind was very strong and chilly, so you better sleep in the forest and go higher on top of the mountain range in the morning. Sooner or later you will reach an asphalted road TF-24, then head north-west. You will pass through the boarder of the national park of mount Teide, and soon after you will get to an information point (with a map) at the right side, from where you will have also nice view. You will see a small black (sleeping:) volcano – this is where you are heading now! Get off TF-24 and now follow a trail again, this time already down. Again you can either follow main wide road or narrow shortcuts. In the latter case try not to miss two caves along the main road, which could be nice place for an overnight stop. In about an hour you will finally get to the black volcano. It makes the landscape completely different from what you have seen in the past hours, an island of black desert in the green sea of pine trees. Behind the volcano you will see the settlements, the right one is Güímar. Be ready to spend at least couple of hours walking there. Now the only entertainment is a bathtub filled with chestnuts. Maybe you will also be in the season of figs or opuntia fruits, which are a good source of liquid (just take care of spines, if you get some in your fingertips, just stroke your hair). Oops, at some point you will have to wear your clothes, as gradually you will enter civilization. When in Güímar you might want to visit black pyramids, though they look rather fake to me, don’t expect too much… But by that time you will have unforgettable experience of free hiking above the clouds!!!

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4 Responses to Free hiking on Tenerife

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  2. EJ says:

    that pic of you overlooking the clouds is just amazing. i wish i was there…probably with a bit more clothing, but i’m open minded.

  3. i don’t really believe hiking boots help that much after i saw last summer a guy dislocating his foot although he wore them, when we hiked in austrian alps. but they are so heavy and don’t let the fresh air come in, so i think sandals (if they are solid enough) are more comfortable for hiking…

  4. ben says:

    You can hike that trail with sandals? I think i would have prefered hiking boots.

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